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Research on the Current Situation of Marine Ecological Environment and Protection Countermeasures

Ziran Zhang


With the rapid discovery of China“s economic construction, peoples demand for resources is increasing, which makes resources increasingly exhausted. In order to meet the huge resources needed by the national and social development, rich marine resources are vigorously developed. Meanwhile, marine resources are rich in a variety of renewable resources. Through the use of natural forces and mechanical facilities, marine energy is transformed into various resources needed by people, such as tidal energy, wave energy, water temperature energy, salinity difference energy, etc. However, with the rapid development of marine economy and resource construction, people are over-exploiting and wasting marine resources seriously, which leads to increasingly severe pollution of the marine environment, serious damage to the ecological environment and deterioration of the stability of the marine ecosystem. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen marine protection.


Marine Environment; Current Status; Protection Methods

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/me.v8i1.2003