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The Introduction of the Special Issue

In recent years, the importance of logistics has, in various companies, been increasing. Making logistics more efficient in corporate management brings many significant benefits, and logistics reform is key to streamlining corporate management and optimisation.

In corporate management, the logistics system can be advanced, for example, by unifying the packing style, sharing logistical  information systems among multiple companies, strengthening corporate collaboration with other companies in the same industry, or promoting joint delivery, and joint storage. Furthermore, nowadays, the advancement and optimisation of logistics is being progressed by actively incorporating logistics enhancing services and products such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things. This Special Issue introduces case studies and theoretical studies on how to introduce the latest technology trends into logistics practices.

The Research Scope of the Special Issue


· smart logistics

· green logistics

· IoT in logistics

· AI and warehousing

· reverse logistics


The Article Title of the Special Issue

1: Optimization in SCM

2: Big data in logistics

3: Simulation in SCM

4: Robust design in SCM

5: SCM risk management

6: AI in logistics

7: Sustainability in SCM


Submission guidelines

All papers should be submitted via the Modern Transportation submission system: http://ojs.usp-pl.com/index.php/MT/index

Submitted articles should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal's standard peer review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit and relevance to the field of interest of the Special Issue.


Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: December 30 , 2019


The Lead Guest Editor

Kuninori Suzuki