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Development of New Radial Bogies for Japanese Subway Narrow Gauges

Jingtong Li


In order to solve the problems of many small radius curves and low decline rate of curve superelevation, causing wheel-rail noise, wheel rim abrasion, Tokyo Metro adopts SC101 type radial bogie, on ginza line 1000 series vehicles and it has been confirmed that the curve passing performance of radial bogie on standard gauge lines has been improved.

This paper aims at the development of narrow-gauge radial bogies, evaluation of its running performance on actual vehicles ,introduction to the outline of trial-produced narrow-gauge radial bogies, East-West line using the radial bogies 15000 System on-the-spot test results.Based on the above achievements,made new in Japan than in the valley line 13000 is a series of vehicles equipped with mass-produced SC103 type radial bogie.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mt.v1i1.1351