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Research and Implementation of Assistant Decision-making System for Emergency Handling of Traffic Accidents in Urban Rail Transit

Jingjing Yang


The main research content of this paper is an assistant decision-making system for emergency handling of traffic accidents in urban rail. The system is to further improve the ability of rail transit control departments to deal with emergencies through its design and application. The system can automatically judge the accident parameters and analyze the main information of the accident during the application process to put forward a systematic solution to traffic accidents, and thus reasonably arranging for urban rail train dispatching during the accident. Besides, combined with the train's normal operation, the system will collect train emergency prediction data during its application, and visualize the predicted information to provide references for the adjustment of emergency plans, further reducing possible hazards. Meanwhile, this article demonstrates the system's application with the combination of metro line 3, which ends with a satisfying result. It can be considered that the designed assistant decision-making system has practical value and can adjust train operation plans and predict passenger flow.


Rail Transit; Train Operation; Passenger Flow Forecast; System Development

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mt.v8i1.1904