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Influence of Tidal Lane on Traffic Flow Based on Network Flow Sensitivity

Youyi Ge, Xing Zhao, Hao Lin, Jinghao Liu, Bailiang Zhou


Based on the theory of urban traffic network flow, this paper studies the influence of the setting of urban tidal lane on the traffic distribution in the regional road network. According to the influence mechanism of tidal lane's setting on road network facilities, the sensitivity of road network traffic flow after tidal lane's setting to free travel time, road section capacity and OD travel demand is studied and analyzed, and the sensitivity equation of tidal lane's input variables in the equilibrium network to road section traffic flow is established, thus analyzing the influence of tidal lane's setting on road network traffic flow. By analyzing the changes of road flow on the road network before and after the setting up of tidal lane, an effective analytical method is provided for analyzing the impact of the setting up of tidal lane on the road network.


Traffic Engineering; Tidal Lane; Sensitivity; Equilibrium Network; Road Sections; Urban Road Network

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mt.v8i1.2006