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A Study on the Cultivation of Students' Key Abilities in College English Courses from the Perspective of POA

Zhuo Li


Production-Oriented Approachwith Chinese characteristics is the latest feedback of foreign language teaching theory supporting classroom practice in recent years. Based on the practice of college English class, it shows students' basic attitude and evaluation results in cultivating their individual thinking ability, which can promote the continuous improvement of foreign language teaching theory. As college English teaching adopts the "Production-Oriented Approach", it can not only stimulate students' interest in learning English, but also cultivate students' ability of information analysis and processing, rational presentation of personal views, raising and solving problems and thinking quality of listening to others. Therefore, this paper studies the practical effect of using Production-Oriented Approach to cultivate students' key English learning abilities, so as to promote the overall improvement of students' English personality, quality and practical skills in English application.


Production-Oriented Approach; College English; Application Ability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1538