Perplexity and Guidance of College Students' Belief in the New Era--Based on the Analysis of Educational Path Innovation of the Socialist Core Values of New Media

Ping Wu


The world today is in a period of great changes, with the rapid development of Internet technology and the establishment of multiple information channels such as new media, people's communication has become fast and efficient. In this environment, how to train contemporary college students to establish the correct core values of socialism, leading students out of confusion of faith, have become an urgent problem in today's college education. This article elaborates some advantages and problems of cultivating the correct core values of contemporary college students in the context of new media, and then enumerates the relevant measures to deal with them. It will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the education path of socialist core values of new media. Here are some inspirations and suggestions to better serve the education of socialist core values.


New media;College Students; Socialist Core Values;path Innovation;New Era

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