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Analysis on Interactive Teaching Strategies of Englishin Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Fenxiang Zhang


The application of the Internet technology in teaching and the development of "Internet +" industry in education are becoming more and more mature, which promotes the English teaching in higher vocational colleges and other colleges to develop towards a more diversified, modern and intelligent direction and interactive teaching also presents a more diversified and intelligent development trend. Nowadays, intelligent APP and other artificial intelligence technologies have been widely applied to the teaching in and out of class, teaching practice, assessment and other aspects of English classes in higher vocational colleges. Various artificial intelligence English databases also provide convenience for teachers' teaching and independent learning. At the same time, artificial intelligence can change the way of teaching, learning and interaction. The teaching under the environment of artificial intelligence needs more attention to students' autonomy and subjectivity, so it needs to be based on the characteristics of students, designing and implementing personalized teaching and selecting rational intelligent interactive ways and contents to help students study more efficiently and independently. The teaching reform involves all aspects of teaching, so it is not easy to implement interactive teaching with artificial intelligence systematically and perfectly. This paperdiscusses and analyses effective strategies of interactive teaching English in higher vocational colleges based on artificial intelligence technology from the analysis of students' demand, optimizing the teaching organization form, teaching means, assessment methods and other aspects to help higher vocational teachers assist students to learn English more independently, efficiently, with high quality and personalization. 


English teaching in vocational colleges;Artificial intelligence technology;Interactive English teaching

Full Text:



Hua Lulu/Chen Lin/Sun Mengmeng. The Research on the Promotion of Artificial Intelligence in English Learning Transformation [J]. Modern Distance Education, 2017(6) : 27-31.

Chen Manqian/Yan Jing/Jia Zhiying. The Research on Multi-modal Interactive Teaching of English in Vocational Colleges Under theEnvironment of Informatiziation[J]. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2018(3) : 164-166.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1552