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How to rationally patriotize students in higher vocational colleges in the new era

Yuan Xu


With the development of society, the country pays more and more attention to patriotic education. Whether it is basic education, middle school education, or even university education, patriotic education has always accompanied us to receive education. Especially in the new era, we should carry forward the spirit of patriotism and make ourselves full of patriotism. However, in the course of implementing patriotism, we should also maintain a rational attitude and we should not show extreme or irrational behaviors in expressing patriotism. For the students of current vocational colleges, I must not only seriously develop the spirit of patriotism, but also continuously improve my spiritual outlook and ideological state. When expressing patriotic feelings, I should be more rational and correct and not be affected by the outside world and interference factors. This article analyzes the rational patriotism of higher vocational college students in the new era and aims to help people understand how to properly play the spirit of patriotism.


New Era; Higher Vocational Colleges; Rational Patriotism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1560