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Study on the "Three-in-one" Collaborative Education Model of Application- oriented Universities from the Perspective of Industry-education Integration

Huang Li


Industry-education integration refers to the cooperative relationship between the school and local enterprises in cultivating excellent talents, technology development and application, etc., to build the school into a comprehensive industrial business entity, covering personnel training and scientific research, etc., to create a schoo-l running model that can integrate the school and the enterprise. Therefore, the integration of production and education is the prerequisite for education to serve local development. This article through the "production" and "teach" the analysis of the correlation between education and professional and productive, especially the relationship between the professional level and production technology, etc., the thorough analysis of Applied Undergraduate Universities " Three-in-One " cooperative education model, clearly put forward the established cooperation relationship between school and enterprise should be analyzed from three dimensions: the effect of the student's professional level, the enterprise training, the school provides quality of service. In addition, in order to achieve the effect of collaborative education, we should truly achieve the effective combination of innovation, entrepreneurship and practice under the premise of theoretical teaching.


Industry-Education Integration; Ternary Body; Cooperative Education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i1.1853