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The Knowing and Doing Logic of the Outlook on Justice and Benefits -- "Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind" and "One Belt and One Road"

Xuezhe Shang, Yuanyuan Bu


At present, under the circumstances of global economic downturns, the gap between the rich and the poor, conflicts and crisis, no country can be immune from it. In the global village, countries all rise and fall together. The attitude and behavior of being regardless of others tile frost and enjoying the small but will only lead to problems, which result in getting caught in their own trap. How to solve the current economic crisis, environmental pollution, ecological crisis, social and cultural conflicts and other issues. The proposal of "community of common destiny for all mankind" and "One Belt and One Road" provides the world with unique charm of China's business cards and stories. To make clear the relationship between justice and benefits is of far-reaching practical significance to understand the current two world-renowned measures in China.


The Outlook on Justice and Benefits; Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind; One Belt and One Road

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