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Attribution of Inquiry for Classroom Teaching Application Obstacles of College English in Independent College

Shan Wang


In recent years, with the in-depth development of the structural reform of higher education in China, the talent training mode of independent colleges is gradually on the right track. The college English curriculum requirements released by the Ministry of Education claim “As the main basis of English teaching in the non-English majors in colleges and universities, the focus should be on listening and speaking skills assessment and training for students in colleges and universities, to help students improve their English comprehensive application ability, in order to meet the rapid economic development of our country and carry out international cooperation and communication needs." At the same time, independent colleges are also faced with great pressure in college English teaching. The level of enrollment and various obstacles of teaching practice all affect the achievement of classroom teaching to some extent. This paper attempts to analyze the obstacles of teaching application and explore the reasons for the obstacles of teaching application in college English class of independent colleges, so as to help improve the quality of college English teaching in independent colleges.


Independent College; College English; Teaching Application Obstacle

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