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Teaching Research on Metal Materials and Heat Treatment in the Information Era

Chunxia Han


Metal Materials and Heat Treatment is one of the professional basic courses for metallurgical technology and material engineering majors in vocational colleges. Through the teaching of this course, the basic knowledge of common engineering materials and parts forming and processing is taught, and students are trained to master the basic skills of common engineering materials and their processing to lay the foundation for subsequent professional learning. However, in the existing teaching practice, it is obvious that there are problems in the separation of theory and practice in curriculum teaching, lacking comprehensive teaching curriculum arrangements. In the information age, the all-round development of educational information has provided new directions and new technical support for the teaching of Metal Materials and Heat Treatment major, and realized the teaching reform of Metal Materials and Heat Treatment, which is presented as the following article.


Information Technology; Metal Materials and Heat Treatment; Teaching Reform Research

Full Text:



[1] Chen P. The application of multiple teaching methods in the teaching of metal materials and heat treatment. Contemporary Educational Practice and Teaching Research 2019; 21: 204-205.

[2] Wang X, Liu M, Wang Y, et al. Teaching reform practice of the course Principles of Metals and Heat Treatment. Journal of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology 2019; 3602: 36-39.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2527