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Inheritance and Innovation of Brackets in Modern Architectural Design

Qingyuan Mei, Zhangyou Chen


With the further acceleration of the urbanization process, the modern construction industry has developed rapidly. Looking at China’s architectural design, we can see that it has a certain gap with developed countries. How to realize the innovative development of modern architectural design and create an architectural style with Chinese characteristics has become an important content of the current development of the construction industry. China is an ancient country with a culture of five thousand years. Some traditional excellent culture exudes new vitality and creativity in the new era. In modern architectural design, various traditional cultural elements are more and more frequently used. Through traditional elements, the inheritance and innovative application of the project not only make the modern architectural design industry more internationally influential, but also build a culturally confident country and enhance China’s cultural competitiveness. Based on this, this article analyzes the inheritance and innovative application of brackets in modern architectural design, aiming to provide a reference for the practical work of modern architectural design.


Bucket Arch; Modern Architectural Design; Inheritance; Innovation

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[1] Lin J, Zhang H. Research on the application of brackets sculpture in environmental design. Furniture and Interior Decoration 2019; 11: 112-113.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2547