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Analysis on the Ways of Brand Building of the Party Building Work in Colleges and Universities

Hao Wang


The internal party building work in China’s colleges and universities is very important. In order to make the party building work smoothly and effectively develop, the key point is to do a good job of branding the grassroots party building work and complete the party building work inside the colleges and universities. Higher education is of great significance to the social and cultural construction of China, and major universities can provide high-quality talents for the entire society, which plays an extremely important role in improving the quality of the entire citizenship system. This paper studies the issue of branding construction of party building at the grassroots level in colleges and universities, conducts a scientific and standardized analysis, and proposes a more reasonable and effective approach to practice. A brand-new way to build a brand for grassroots work in colleges and universities will be developed, in order to provide a reference for the brand building of party building work in various colleges and universities in the future, and thus creating thinking and generating new ideas.


Colleges and Universities; Grassroots Party Building Work; Brand Building; Approaches

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2555