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Research on the Innovation of Practical Teaching Model of Mechatronics Technology Specialty in Higher Vocational Education

Caiyu Luo


With the rapid development of modern society, economy and technology, people’s requirements for life are also increasing, and thus the degree of attention to the mechatronics technology profession has also increased greatly. Therefore, higher vocational colleges must not only update the theoretical knowledge of mechatronics technology in a timely manner, but also formulate more innovative practical teaching strategies according to the actual learning needs of students, to effectively improve students’ understanding of mechatronics and comprehensive application capabilities of integrated technology.


Higher Vocational Education; Mechatronics Technology; Practice; Innovation

Full Text:



[1] Zhu M. Practical teaching reform of mechatronics technology based on “curriculum ideological and practical ability training". Industry and Technology Forum 2020; 19(12): 152-153.

[2] Zhang J. Exploration on the reform of practical teaching mode of mechatronics technology in secondary vocational schools. Southern Agricultural Machinery 2020; 51(09): 214.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2562