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Research on "Double Coordinates" Talent Cultivation Model of Mechanical Majors in Local Normal Universities Based on OBE Concept——Take Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation as an Example

Xiaoqi Zhang, Song Ding, Lin Zhang


OBE concept and engineering education concept coincide in many ways. Taking the mechanical design and manufacturing and automation majors of the Engineering College of Changchun Normal University as an example, focusing on professional characteristics, enterprise development needs and student development needs, construct a “dual coordinate” talent training model based on the OBE concept. On this basis, it is a local normal university. Provide reference suggestions for mechanical professional development.


OBE Concept; Mechanical Major; Talent Training Model; Dual Coordinates

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[1] Gu P, Hu W, Lin P, et al. Engineering education model based on “learning output” (OBE)-Shantou University’s practice and exploration. Research in Higher Engineering Education 2014; (1): 27-37.

[2] Li Z. Analyze the achievement-oriented concept of engineering education professional certification. China Higher Education 2014; (17): 7-10.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2587