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Application and Discussion of LBL Combined with PBL Mode in the Histoembryology Teaching

Yanling Sun, Jianguo Lv


Histoembryology are closely related to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, which is a connecting subject between basic medicine and clinical medicine, and plays very important role in medical teaching. This paper mainly focuses on the teaching mode of Histoembryology, analyzes the teaching characteristics of traditional LBL teaching mode and current mainstream PBL teaching mode, and states the application steps of LBL combined with PBL mode in Histoembryology teaching, so that we can understand the focus of PBL teaching mode more clearly. Finally, the application effect of PBL mode in the teaching of Histoembryology is discussed through the application effect. The conclusion shows that the double track teaching mode of LBL combined with PBL is very effective in the teaching of Histoembryology.


LBL Combined with PBL Teaching Mode; Histoembryology; Teaching Effect

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[1] Sui H, Zheng H, Zhao S, et al. Application of hybrid teaching method in histology and embryology teaching of clinical medicine undergraduates. Chinese Higher Medical Education 2018; (12): 104-105.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2915