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Research on the Scientization of University Party Building Work in the Big Data Era

Hao Wang


The work of party building in colleges and universities is an important way and carrier to serve the development of colleges and universities and ensure that the party’s policies and routes are fully implemented in colleges and universities. In the era of big data, great changes have been brought to the party building work of colleges and universities. Only by deepening the understanding of ideas and strengthening the standardized construction and application of the application of big data technology in party building work can the party building work of colleges and universities meet the needs of reform and development in the new era.


Big Data Era; Party Building in Colleges and Universities; Scientific Construction

Full Text:



[1] Feng W. The organic integration of college party building culture and ideological and political education in the era of big data. Fujian Tea 2020; 42(05): 209-210.

[2] Chen S. The scientific construction of the basic-level party organization in universities in the era of big data: opportunities, challenges and strategies. Journal of Chongqing Three Gorges University 2020; 36(03): 17-26.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2916