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Application of O2O Teaching Mode in the Construction of Vocational Education Resource Database in Internet Plus Era

Xiao Yin


With the development of the times, the influence of the Internet on people has penetrated into all aspects. “Internet plus” is the product of the integration of the times and thinking, which has the characteristics of universality and integration. “Internet plus” has gradually become the main direction of Internet development. The teaching work in the era of "Internet plus" is also developing and innovating. In the “Internet plus” occupation era, 020 teaching mode combined with occupation education has become an inevitable trend in teaching. Now, in the teaching work, the teaching resource database has completed the basic construction, playing an important role in promoting the progress of vocational education in China. But in actual circumstances, there are still many problems in the application of occupation education resource database. This paper first analyzes the 020 teaching mode, and then further analyzes the problems in the application of educational resource database. Finally, it makes further research and discussion on the application improvement measures.


“Internet Plus”; 020 Teaching Mode; Vocational Education; Education Resource Database

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2933