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Research and Practice on the Construction of Bilingual Teaching Mode of Automobile Major in Higher Vocational Education

Yan Zhao, Xiaowei Wu, Suyun Shi


The implementation of bilingual teaching in automotive majors in higher vocational colleges is not only to meet the needs of the development trend of the automotive industry, but also to meet the needs of vocational students to enter professional positions after graduation. However, in the specific teaching process, all vocational colleges are faced with this is due to the lack of bilingual teachers in automotive majors, poor English foundation for vocational automotive students, poor English learning ability, and lack of bilingual teaching materials for automotive majors. How to construct a reasonable bilingual teaching model has become an important topic for automotive teachers in higher vocational colleges. This article selects foreign original textbooks and self-compiled bilingual teaching textbooks, increases online and offline training, improves professional teachers, and tries various bilingualism The teaching mode explores the path of bilingual teaching practice in the automotive major of higher vocational colleges, and aims to promote the training process of international talents in the automotive major of higher vocational education.


Higher Vocational Colleges; Automobile Major; Bilingual Teaching; Practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2952