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Medium Term Thermal Comfort of College Dormitories in Western Cold Region

Meng Wang, Yi Xie, Zihe Zhang


During the middle period of heating in winter, the author studied the characteristics of thermal comfort and thermal adaptation of 4 dormitories of a college in the west. At the same time, a questionnaire on subjective thermal sensation was conducted, and 500 questionnaires were distributed to the subjects. Finally, 462 valid questionnaires were obtained.Through the study of data, the function of real average thermal sensation and indoor operating temperature has been obtained. The results show that the thermal neutral temperature is 19.8 degrees, the male and female thermal neutral temperatures are 19.5 and 20.1 degrees respectively, and the acceptable ranges of 80% and 90% for males are 16.5℃—23.0℃、17.7℃—21.3℃.The acceptable range of 80% and 90% for females is 16.2℃—24.0℃,17.8℃—22.4℃ .


University Dormitory; Thermal Comfort; Adaptive Behavior; Field Investigation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2960