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Analysis of Power Quality Monitoring and Reactive Power Compensation Technology

Danyang Li, Cunduri Hu, Wu Lan, Xiaojie Wang, Lili Xu, Zhiyong Chen, Peng Zhang


Electric power is an indispensable energy for the development and operation of modern society. The quality of power affects the development of economic activities and people’s daily life. High quality electric energy can not only ensure the normal operation of all kinds of living and production electrical equipment, but also help to reduce power consumption. Therefore, power quality monitoring and related power quality management work become very important. Based on this, this paper attempts to analyze the monitoring and governance of power quality from the aspects of power quality requirements, quality standards, monitoring status and evaluation standards, reactive power compensation technology and other aspects, hoping to provide valuable technical reference for related research and practical work.


Power Quality; Power Monitoring; Reactive Power Compensation Technology

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1. Cao N. Research on reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression of converter power supply system. Application of Integrated Circuit 2019; (9).

2. Xiong X. Discussion on the application of low voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression products. Intelligent Building Electrical Technology 2019; (2): 85-88.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i11.2996