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Exploration of Case Teaching of "Economic Law" Course in Higher Vocational Education Based on Blended Learning

Lu Wang


At this stage, the trend of education informatization is constantly developing and deepening. As part of the national informatization construction, education informatization plays an important role in education development and curriculum reform. In this context, it is required that in the teaching of relevant courses in higher vocational colleges, we should also actively accelerate the reform of curriculum teaching and innovating curriculum teaching methods. At present, the application of blended teaching mode in course teaching is increasing, and it has become one of the effective course teaching modes in the new era. The application of this course teaching mode in case teaching of higher vocational economic law courses can effectively promote the quality of course case teaching and realize the development and optimization of curriculum teaching. This article introduces the basic connotation of blended teaching, studies the positive role of blended teaching in the case teaching of economic law courses, combines the existing problems in the current case teaching of economic law in higher vocational colleges, and explores the new era of higher vocational based on blended teaching methods.


Blended Teaching; Higher Vocational Education; Economic Law Course; Case Teaching

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i11.3028