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Exploration on the Construction and Innovative Practice of the Vigorous Youth League Branch in Colleges and Universities

Zhu Chen


The youth league branch in colleges and universities is an important unit of the league organization. It is the most direct contact team for the league members and young students in colleges and universities. It undertakes the basic work of the league organization and shoulders the important task of correctly guiding the youth league members' thoughts and actions. In the face of the influence of multi-cultural in the Internet age, the ideological consciousness of some contemporary youth league members has gradually deviated from the weak, the working ability of the youth league branch needs to be improved, and the work responsibilities of the youth league branch also show the trend of marginalization. These problems are highlighted, and the work of non university youth league branches poses higher challenges. This paper explores the innovative practice of the youth league branch in colleges and universities, hoping to enhance the vitality and cohesion of the youth league branch in colleges and universities by enhancing the organizational consciousness of the league members, strengthening the training, exchange and the functions of the college youth league branch, and enriching the work form, as well as comprehensively implementing the management system, and strictly implementing the reward and punishment measures.


University; Dynamic Youth League Branch; Innovative Practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i1.3076