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A Comparative Study of Normal Students' Cognition of Mathematics Teaching Skills

Lin Zhang


Normal major is the systematic teaching of education personnel training in China, and it is the main talent source of the teacher profession. The teaching and learning achievements of normal students are directly related to the follow-up formal teaching activities. Mathematics, as one of the important subjects in any stage, is also a skill element that students must master in their study and life. We should pay attention to the gap between normal students' understanding of mathematics teaching skills and in-service teachers' knowledge. Based on this, this paper makes a comparative analysis on vocational skills, theoretical knowledge and ability, professional quality and concept, and how to improve and deepen the understanding of normal students' mathematics teaching skills and put forward suggestions, hoping to provide some suggestions and directions for the improvement of normal students' mathematics teaching.


Normal Students' Mathematics; Teaching Skills Understanding; Comparative Study

Full Text:



[1] Sheng C. Research on course design of mathematics in normal universities from the perspective of subject understanding. Northeast Normal University; 2019.

[2] Duan Y. Factors affecting the teaching quality of mathematics normal students in practice and countermeasures . Xihua Normal University; 2016.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i1.3145