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Exploration of Art Education and Teaching Mode in Local Normal Universities Based on the Background of Big Data

hu xiao bing


With the development of the Internet today, the advent of the era of big data, the gradual emergence of various Internet + models of innovation and entrepreneurship, these changes mean that the traditional modes of art education in colleges and universities have followed a significant change. New teaching technologies and teaching concepts such as open video lesson, visualization teaching and big data creation mode came into being, which have an impact on the traditional teaching mode. Local higher normal colleges and universities are to train local primary and secondary school teachers, timely and effectively adjusted according to the social development training programs to meet the needs of the reform of the middle school curriculum. Based on the big data environment, this article summarizes the Innovative practice of art education both at home and abroad, and puts forward the exploration of the teaching mode of combining "cross-border integration", "project-oriented" teaching and "maker education".


art education; local teachers colleges; teaching mode; maker education

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