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Historical retrospect and future prospect of research on effective teaching in China ——Knowledge mapping analysis based on the research over the past three decades(1986-2016)

Xiaoduan Chen, Yuan Sun, Tongzhou He


 This paper takes China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) as its literature data sources, and uses Bicomb and SPSS software to draw knowledge mapping for the hot spots of 290 papers about effective teaching in China from 1986 to 2016, so as to visually show the hot issues and development trend of effective teaching over the past three decades in China. The research shows that hot issues in effective teaching research over the past 30 years mainly fall into the following three categories: First, effective teaching studies on classroom teaching activities (from the perspective of teachers); Second, effective teaching studies under the background of new curriculum reform (perspective of curriculum reform); Third, effective teaching studies on students' self-learning (from the perspective of students). Effective teaching research inChina in the future should grasp the following trends: Firstly, expansion of concept from static definition to dynamic understanding. Secondly, change of research perspective from focusing on teachers' teaching behavior to students' learning process and learning situation. Thirdly, deepening of research content from macro expound based on new curriculum reform to medium and micro research that combines core competence development of the students, the discipline core quality formation, and the implementation of specific curriculum standards. Fourthly, concordance of research methods from theoretical speculation and qualitative analysis to comprehensive study blending multiple research methods.



effective teaching; knowledge mapping; co-word visualization

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