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On the Dynamic Mechanism of Ocean Current and Atmospheric Circulation (Is it possible for the virus to spread along latitudinal lines through atmospheric circulation?)

Jian'an Wang


Based on the new "etheric" concept that "every planet, object or particle carries an etheric layer that moves with itself, and this etheric layer forms a local absolute reference frame" and the modified Newton's first law that "an object will remain stationary in the etheric absolute reference frame or move at a constant speed along the shortest optical path on a plane with equal etheric density without external force", this paper explores the causes of atmospheric circulation and ocean current, and obtains that the overall motion direction of atm ospheric circulation and ocean current is opposite to the rotation direction of the earth, and the overall motion speed increases with the increase of distance from the center of the earth.  It is also pointed out that the atmospheric circulation and ocean current are caused by the influence of the earth's etheric wind on the atmosphere and sea water.  Atmospheric circulation and ocean currents are driven by the earth's rotation. According to the characteristics of the global circulation around the earth, this paper puts forward the conjecture that the virus may spread along the latitude line through the atmospheric circulation.


Atmospheric circulation; Ocean current; Absolute reference system; Ethernet wind; Virus transmission

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