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Design and implementation of multi-mode dynamic visualization sys-tem for oceanic and atmospheric data

Jiusong Li


Multi-mode dynamic visualization of ocean and atmospheric data , This system uses the VC ++ and CG Coloring language development , Renderengine based on OpenGL Three-dimensional graphics standard . presents a series of pattern analysis methods for ocean and atmospheric data , including : probe work can , line mode , face mode , Body Mode , vector mode and dynamic time series analysis, and so on , enables the conversion of large amounts of multidimensional ocean atmosphere data to for three-dimensional or dynamically evolving images , Complete user interaction at the same time . and apply visualization technology to long time series Ocean atmosphere Data , represents the dynamic process of oceanic atmospheric data through real-time, dynamic visualization of images . results show , This system enables multimodal dynamic visualization of common ocean and atmospheric data .


Ocean Atmosphere data ; Multi-mode ; Dynamic ; Visual

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/jaoe.v6i1.1146