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Research on the practice of university education management reform in the Internet era

Hang Cui


The advent of the Internet era has given new vitality to the development of various industries, and has brought impact to the
traditional education management mode in colleges and universities. How to make full use of Internet technology, platform and resources,
reconstruct efficient and intelligent education management operation mode, to meet the needs of high-quality development of higher
education, has become an important issue for colleges and universities to accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation of education
management. Based on the Internet era, this paper analyzes the development characteristics of increasingly humanistic, intelligent and open
educational management in colleges and universities, analyzes the problems of educational management concepts, management methods,
management levels and management platforms in colleges and universities, and starts from the four aspects of establishing people-oriented
thinking, giving play to the technical advantages of platforms, strengthening network management thinking and increasing equipment
support. This paper probes into the reform ideas of college education management and puts forward concrete practical countermeasures.


Internet; Universities; Educational administration; Reform; practice

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