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A Review of Research on Open Government Data

Ziwei Chen


[Purpose/Signifi cance] Since Data.gov.uk was offi cially launched in the United Kingdom in 2009, government open data has
been in full swing in various countries. This paper summarizes the existing representative studies on government data openness in a logical
way, in order to provide reference for the subsequent related studies and help China’s government open data to develop further. [Methodology/
Process] Through literature analysis, content analysis and case study analysis, we sort out the relevant research literature and practice
profi les, and analyze the current status of the theoretical research and practice progress of government open data. [Results/Conclusions]
Current studies focusing mainly on government open data can be categorized into the following major groups: domestic and international
practice studies, policy governance studies, risk control, privacy security and technology empowerment studies.


government open data, privacy risk

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Included Database


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