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Research on the application strategy of blended teaching method in the course of Introduction to Management

Yanfeng Gao, Xiaoqiang Jia


With the continuous development of society and the continuous change of education, the course teaching mode of Higher_x005feducation is constantly innovating and exploring. There are many problems in the traditional teaching of Introduction to Management,
such as disconnection between practice and theory, fuzzy orientation, general content, single evaluation system and so on. Therefore, in the
continuous promotion of college curriculum reform today, teachers need to pay more attention to improving students’ autonomous learning
ability and practical application ability, so as to better adapt to the needs of social development, and the blended teaching method is a good
solution. The blended teaching mode can not only create online classrooms through digital means to realize learning anytime and anywhere,
but also make full use of various teaching resources to promote the interaction and communication between teachers and students and
among students, so as to improve students’ learning interest and enthusiasm. In this view, the paper takes Introduction to Management as an
example to discuss how to improve teaching quality with the help of blended teaching method, and puts forward corresponding strategies in
order to provide references for the academic community.


blended teaching method; Introduction to Management; application; strategy

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