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The Role of Non-governmental Organizations in Wetland Conservation: An Empirical Study of International Environmental Law

Zhe Liu


Wetlands are of great value to ecological protection and also contribute to the achievement of the goals of several
international conventions rela ted to ecology and environment. Wetlands also have socio-economic significance in improving people’s
livelihood and contributing to poverty reduction. Wetland conservation is an important part of ecological and environmental conservation.
However, because of over-exploitation by humans, wetlands are exposed to potential risks and challenges. NGOs, as important actors in
international environmental protection, actively participate in relevant international aff airs and promote the formulation of relevant treaties.
Based on typical cases of environmental NGOs and the status of NGOs in international law, this study compares relevant literature in this
fi eld and analyses important contribution of NGOs in wetland conservation with three main perspectives: NGOs promoting legislation,
enforcement and legal supervision. At the same time this study discusses the shortcomings and limitations that still exist in practice for
environmental NGOs.


wetland conservation, non-governmental organizations, international environmental law

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