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The application and exploration of horticultural therapy model in life education for college students

Chaoqun Zhou, Cheng Zeng


Horticultural therapy is a therapeutic approach that promotes physical and mental well-being through the interaction between
plants and the natural environment. It has been widely used in the field of mental health. This paper examines the use of horticultural
therapy in life education for college students. To start, the current state of life education for college students is presented. Then, the potential
role of horticultural therapy in life education for college students is discussed. Following this, specifi c recommendations are made for the
establishment of a horticultural therapy model for life education among college students. Finally, the advantages and limitations of using
a horticultural therapy model to promote life education among college students are summarized based on case studies, and future research
directions are discussed.


horticultural therapy; college students; life education; mental health; application and exploration

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