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Research on project-based teaching mode of Communication Engineering Supervision Practice course

Suhong Lin, Ying Li, Wenjie Qin


“Communication engineering Supervision Practice” course is the core course of communication engineering design and
supervision major. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, project-based teaching can greatly improve the teaching quality and
strengthen the connotation construction of higher vocational colleges. This paper aims to explore the application of project-based learning
mode in the teaching of “Communication engineering Supervision Practice”, determine the course positioning and training objectives, design
the teaching content, create the learning environment, implement the practice of case projects and task-driven teaching, organically integrate
the ideological and political elements of the course, and exercise students’ practical ability. Enhance students’ learning initiative, sense of
social responsibility and sense of national cultural identity, so as to cultivate all-round supervision talents with strong comprehensive quality.


project-based teaching; Task-driven; Curriculum thinking and politics; supervision

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