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The exploration of effective ways to strengthen psychology education in higher vocational colleges

Yong Cao, Bin Ren


With the increasingly fierce competition in the society, there is more and more pressure from various fields, including
employment pressure, interpersonal tension and various uncertain factors, which bring a lot of psychological problems to people. Especially
higher vocational college students, they both have the characteristics of general college students, but also have their own unique personality.
Vocational college students are at a critical stage of development, so their mental health problems are particularly prominent. In order to
help college students better, teachers should strengthen the education of college students’ mental health, in order to understand their mental
state and characteristics more accurately, and strive to improve their mental quality, so as to promote their all-round and healthy growth.
The purpose of this paper is to explore how to improve the mental health level of college students more eff ectively, and put forward some
suggestions in order to contribute to improving the mental health level of college students.


Higher vocational colleges; Psychological education; Paths

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