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Study on the path of higher vocational colleges serving “Belt and Road” enterprises

Shanshan Li, Yonggang Lin


On the basis of comprehensively elaborating the necessity of strengthening enterprise service of higher vocational colleges
under the “Belt and Road” initiative, this paper analyzes the existing problems of higher vocational colleges serving “Belt and Road”
enterprises, including the lack of overall design and policy guarantee for international education, the lack of perfect school-enterprise
collaborative benefi t sharing mechanism, and the lack of ability to help enterprises “go global”, and proposes to optimize the top-level
design. Complete policy guarantee; Improve the school-enterprise coordination mechanism to build a vocational education community under
the Belt and Road Initiative; And strengthen their own service capacity building and other measures to continuously improve the service
level of vocational colleges and help more “Belt and Road” enterprises to “go global”.


higher vocational colleges; “One Belt and One Road” enterprises; Service capability

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