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R esearch on the teaching reform of new energy vehicle curriculum from the perspective of curriculum ideology and politics

Hongming Liu, Hui Wang, Bingke Zhang


Under the deepening and implementation of “moral cultivation”, the construction of “curriculum ideology and politics”
has become one of the important directions of the current vocational education reform. This puts forward new requirements for higher
vocational teachers. Teachers should not only complete the teaching tasks of implanting basic knowledge and cultivating practical skills, but
also pay attention to cultivating students’ political quality, professional quality, craftsman spirit and moral quality, improve students’ value
system and knowledge system, and stimulate students’ feelings of home and country and national spirit. To provide students with abundant
educational resources and high-quality teaching services, and eff ectively implement the policy of “curriculum thinking and politics”. In this
regard, combined with the teaching practice of the new energy automobile major course, this paper deeply analyzes the practical signifi cance
of curriculum ideological and political development, analyzes the existing problems in teaching, and puts forward the reform measures of
curriculum ideological and political teaching, hoping that it can be used for reference.


new energy vehicle; Curriculum ideology and politics; Teaching reform

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