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Research on strategies to stimulate the vitality of grass-roots union organizations in colleges and universities under the new media environment

Baoquan Wang, Min Lin


With the rapid development of Internet technology, new media has been favored by the general public with its advantages
of high awareness, high effi ciency and fast information dissemination. At the same time, the emergence of new media has also brought
opportunities and injected strong impetus to the high-quality development of grassroots trade union work. However, under the infl uence
of traditional concepts, the grass-roots trade union organizations in colleges and universities lag behind in the application of new media,
resulting in the lack of vitality of grass-roots trade unions, which in turn restricts the innovative development of grass-roots trade union work
in colleges and universities. In this regard, this paper explores the strategies to stimulate the vitality of grassroots trade unions in colleges
and universities under the new media environment, for reference only.


new media; Universities; Grassroots trade union organization; Vitality; aroused

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