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Research on the practice teaching mode of pharmacy specialty in higher vocational colleges under the “integration of production and teaching”

Yuan Zhao, Xin Du, Sicong Zhang, Shanshan Du, Xiaowei Dang


Along with the development of the pharmaceutical industry and the upgrading and transformation of the industrial economy,
the demand of the society for highly skilled medical talents surges, which brings new opportunities to the vocational education in China,
and also raises higher challenges for the training of talents. From the perspective of “integration of production and education”, teachers of
higher vocational pharmacy should actively deepen the degree of school-enterprise cooperation, implement the strategy of integration of
production and education, give full play to the eff ect of collaborative education between schools, industries and enterprises, further optimize
the educational resources of pharmacy, optimize the practical teaching mode, and promote the eff ective training of students’ professional
skills. Enable students to grow into skilled talents who meet the development needs of enterprises and industries in the pharmaceutical fi eld,
and eff ectively promote the upgrading and optimization of related industries. Based on the perspective of “integration of production and
education”, this paper has launched a deep exploration of the path of practical teaching in higher vocational colleges, hoping to provide
some reference.


Integration of production and education; Higher vocational college; Pharmacy major; Practical teaching; Teaching mode

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