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Based on the big data background of college computer major innovative teaching ideas and methods

Man Jiang


With the advent of the era of big data, cloud computing, blockchain and virtual simulation technology have injected new
vitality into the teaching r eform of computing computer in colleges and universities, which is conducive to the innovation of computer
teaching methods, to meet the personalized learning needs of students, and to achieve a win-win situation between computer teaching and
learning. College computer teachers should change the teaching concept, explain the big data related knowledge in depth, and improve the
curriculum system; Actively carry out online and offl ine mixed teaching, promote the integration of teaching inside and outside the class,
and improve the teaching quality of professional courses; Build a virtual simulation experiment platform to innovate the teaching methods of
computer professional practical training; Using short videos and wechat public accounts to carry out computer teaching, so that students can
feel the convenience brought by big data and further improve the teaching quality of computer majors.


big data; University computer major; Teaching status; Reform path

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