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The innovation path of intelligent education practice system in universities

FeiFei Zhang


Colleges and universities have four functions: personnel training, scientific research, serving economic and social
development, cultural inheritance and innovation. Among them, personnel training is the main task; Wisdom education refers to the
cultivation of top-notch innovative talents with “wisdom”. As an important part of higher education, the practice system of wisdom
education is the focus of talent training. In the era of new media and big data, in order to better promote the construction and implementation
of the practice system of smart education in colleges and universities, it is necessary to expand the infl uence and appeal of “smart education”
by means of open communication media, fine communication content and diversified communication methods, strengthen the sense of
responsibility of teachers and students, drive the wide application of big data and other technologies in teaching fi elds, and stimulate the
vitality and creativity of teaching. Cultivate versatile and application-oriented talents who meet the needs of The Times. The innovation
of the practice system of intelligent education in colleges and universities includes the establishment of diversified curriculum system,
the provision of diversifi ed practice opportunities, the construction of eff ective evaluation mechanism, and the promotion of information
technology application.


intelligent education practice system innovation path

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