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Research on double innovation education in higher vocational colleges helping agricultural industry development under the background of rural revitalization-- A case study of the vegetable industry in Enping Bougainvillea

Dalian Zhou


Rural revitalization is an important strategy of the country, and the training of bi-creative talents with innovative spirit
and entrepreneurial ability plays a vital role in helping rural revitalization. In this article, taking the Enping Bougainvillea industry as an
example, the research on the training of bi-creative talents in vocational education and the coordinated development of rural revitalization
industry was carried out, and constructive strategies were proposed in order to provide reference for improving students’ bi-creative ability
and helping the development of agricultural industry.


rural revitalization; Mass creation talents; Bougainvillea industry

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v7i10.10683