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Research on teaching design of cost class courses in h igher vocational colleges under the background of “classroom revolution”

Yan Shi


Under the background of national vocational education reform, this paper relies on the teaching of cost courses in higher
vocational colleges, aiming at the problems that need to be solved urgently in higher vocational colleges, such as insuffi cient integration of
courses, insuffi cient i ntegration of three new courses, lack of integration of students before class, during class and after class, and traditional
infusing teaching mode, and studies the reconstruction of course module content through “double docking” of course content, so as to let
X skill - digital cost enter the classroom. To realize the integration of classes, posts, competitions, and certifi cates; Change the teaching
strategy, adopt “three stages and eight rings” to achieve three stages of collaborative education; Innovation “1234” curriculum ideological
and political model; Construct a three-dimensional comprehensive evaluation system; Emancipate the classroom and return students to an
open, relaxed, free, interesting and lively classroom environment, so that classroom teaching can promote vocational education back to the


teaching mode; Double docking; Three sections eight rings; Vocational education

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