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The development direction of school-enterprise cooperation in vocational colleges is viewed from the Implementation Plan for the integration of Production and Education in Vocational Education (2023-2025)

Juekun Huang


The concept of “integration of production and education” was first put forward in the Decision of The State Council
on Accelerating the Development of modern vocational Education in 2014; In 2017, “Several Opinions on Deepening the integration
of production and education” will further deepen the integration of production and education to upgrade to a national strategy, and the
integration of production and education has also become the main idea of China’s vocational education reform and human resources
development. In 2023, The State Council promulgated the Implementation Plan for Enhancing the Integration of Production and Education
in Vocational Education (2023-2025) (later referred to as the Implementation Plan) to point out the direction for the development of school_x005fenterprise cooperation in higher vocational colleges. The author combined with their own work content through the school’s schoolenterprise cooperation work cases according to the “implementation Plan” related content to talk about some shallow opinions.


school-enterprise cooperation; Integration of industry and education; Current situation

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