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Investigating the Effects of Expressive Writing and Mediation on Exam Anxiety and Exam Performance among Chinese High School Students

Luxiao Zhao


As the development of society, more Chinese high school students suff ered from anxiety, especially anxiety related to exams.
Expressive writing and mediation can ease anxiety symptoms. The aims of this investigate were to examine the eff ects of expressive writing
and meditation on relieving high school students exam anxiety and improving their maths exam performance. Twenty-eight high school
students were recruited and assigned to three conditions including expressive writing condition, meditation condition and control condition.
Students in diff erent groups received diff erent instructions for interventions respectively including expressive writing, mediation or nonintervention. Test anxiety and Maths performances were measured and compared before and after receiving the interventions. We found that
in our study, expressive writing and meditation did not have signifi cant impacts on relieving test anxiety or improving maths performance.
Potential reasons were further discussed in the discussion and the limitation section.


high school students; Expressive writing; Exam anxiety

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