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The exploration and practice of applied talents training mode based on modern industry College in minority areas

Xiayun Liu, Liangyong Huang, Changhan Wu


Modern industrial college is an important form of the deep integration of schools and enterprises, and it is an urgent
requirement for ethnic minority areas to deepen the reform and innovation of application-oriented talent training mode. Taking SAIC-GMWuling College of Automobile Industry in Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University as an example, this paper analyzes the
problems existing in the training of applied talents in ethnic areas, explores and studies the “123456” applied talents training mode formed
in the process of integration of production and education in modern industrial college under the concept of OBE. It provides reference for
eff ectively improving the training quality of high-quality applied technical and technical talents in ethnic minority areas.


ethnic minority areas; Industrial college; Applied talents; Talent training mode

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