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The transformation of the working world in the intelligent age and the response to the digitalization of vocational education

Jianfei He, Xuetong Ning


The high quality social and economic development in our country cannot be separated from the solid support of vocational
education. Now, under the great changes of the working world in the intelligent age, vocational education should also keep pace with the
same frequency. The characteristics of occupational substitution and supplement, total reduction of labor demand and structural shortage
have become the status quo under the reform. Under this current situation, the digital transformation of vocational education is faced with
such problems as slow curriculum setting, failure of construction to meet the needs of education, and barriers to collaborative education
pattern. The digital transformation of vocational education in the intelligent era should accelerate the construction of digital curriculum
system, build a digital internship and training platform, and improve the guarantee mechanism of digital collaborative education.


Intelligent age; Change of the working world; Vocational education; digitization

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