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Study on bilingual teaching model of “specialty + Humanities” for fashion design majors

Xingyu Liu


With the continuous advancement of the reform of vocational education, the major of fashion design in vocational colleges
has set off a new wave of reform. Under this background, the cultivation of professional quality and humanistic quality of students in
vocational colleges is paid more and more attention, which also puts forward new reform requirements for bilingual teaching of fashion
design. In this regard, while analyzing the value and signifi cance of bilingual teaching for fashion design majors, combined with the current
situation of bilingual teaching for fashion design majors, this paper takes the teaching model of “major + humanities” as the core, and
analyzes specifi c reform and practice strategies, in order to provide some references for teachers. Jointly contribute to the modernization
reform and development of bilingual teaching of fashion design major in vocational colleges.


Vocational colleges; Fashion design major; Major + humanities; Bilingual teaching

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